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If you have a question we haven't answered below or just want to make contact our preferred channel is Telegram,; though we are also happy to converse over email, If you do have a few moments we'd love to hear feedback through our survey.

As we are continually looking to improve, any questions you have will help us on our journey. So please don't be shy as the more we hear from you the faster we can develop Vivport.

Learn to control the time you spend on your tasks with regular breaks to refresh, reflect and refocus.
Acknowledge which of your tasks are important to you and not just urgent for someone else.
Focus on the easiest tasks, then break out the easy from the complex to shorten your path to success.
How to master the basics
  1. With your task in mind start the timer.
  2. Work until the alarm rings then if you are complete check the item off your list.
  3. Take a short break then start the process again.

What do I need to use Vivport?

  • A desire to track your tasks.
    Is Vivport too complicated for things like shopping lists?

    Not at all. We have designed Vivport for the simplest of uses but don't take our word for it give it a go and let us know how you find the experience.

    Can I use Vivport for work purposes?

    Yes, Vivport is good for tracking any task that is important to you. Though please be aware of the following pros and cons:
    - Pros: Vivport is secure, your data is encrypted and not used in any way by Vivport or any third party.
    - Cons: Currently we have not built a members area so your tasks could be lost if you clear your browser's cache.

  • Any device with access to Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
    Are mobile devices acceptable?

    Yes, of course. In fact we have designed for both the mobile and desktop experience to ensure you get the most out of Vivport regardless of your device.

    Can I use more than one device at once?

    Unfortunately not yet, but with the launch of our member's area you will have the ability to sync across multiple devices simultaneously.

    Am I able to use another browser?

    Our recommendation is to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Other browsers may work but as we have not designed for their use you may find they do not perform as intended.

Advanced Task Creation

  • What are the rocket and fire icons for?

    The rocket and fire icons are flags to help you incorporate the Eisenhower Method (see below) into your task creation and task management rituals.


    Flag your task with a rocket if it is a task that will help get you to the moon i.e. the task is important to you and only you.
    Flag your task as fire if it is a task that needs to be completed to keep you secure i.e. the task is urgent to you or somebody of importance to you.


    In a perfect world all your time will be spent working on tasks that are important to you without any imminent threats requiring your attention. We all know this isn't the chase in the real world but if you understand where your time is being spent you will be better placed to make positive change.

  • What is the hardhat icon for?

    The hardhat icon is a flag to help you incorporate Pareto Analysis (see below) into your task creation and task management rituals.


    Flag your task with a hardhat if it is a task that will take considerable effort to complete i.e. the task is hard.


    A good rule of thumb is to aim for only 20% of your tasks to be flagged with a hardhat. Find a level that works best for you.

Time Management Techniques

  • The Pomodoro Timer is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

    How do I run tasks with a Pomodoro Timer?

    At the beginning of each day select the tasks you need to complete and put them on your TODAY list. Pick a task to complete and press play. The timer will start and you should start working and ignore all distractions until the timer rings. Refresh your mind with a quick rest (~5 minutes). Repeat the process taking a longer break (15–30 minutes) on the completion of every fourth task.

  • The Eisenhower Method suggests you categorise your tasks as important (the Vivport rocket icon) and or urgent (the Vivport fire icon), which results in four areas:

    1. Neither Important or Urgent: these are distractions you should leave for your social time.

    2. Urgent but not Important: unfortunately we all have people demanding our time for things that are not important to our goals.

    3. Important and Urgent: working under pressure can produce fast results but usually the quality suffers.

    4. Important but not Urgent: this is the sweet spot.

    The many teachings based on the Eisenhower Method revolve around techniques which help you manage external factors alongside your task selection so that you spend most of your time working on tasks that are important but not urgent.

  • Vilfredo Pareto found that across many aspects of life, 80% of effects are produced by 20% of causes.

    In relation to time management a Pareto Analysis breaks downs like this:

    - 80% of tasks can be completed in 20% of the time

    - 20% of tasks will take up 80% of your time

    So focus on the simple tasks and your productivity will increase. This includes having a deep dive into the harder task you need to complete, striping out any simple parts and completing them first.

    We suggest you stick with an 80/20 approach and attempt to spend 80% of your time on simple tasks and only 20% of your time on the complex.


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