What gets measured gets managed. The charts below will help you understand how your time has been spent and how to better spend your time going forward. Our shared goal is for you to achieve the most out of your time.

It's not all about statistics as you will have a pretty accurate feeling of how efficient you are with your time. Acknowledge those feelings and use this dashboard to ascertain how Vivport's time management tools are working for you.

Total Completed Tasks: 0
Pomodoro Timer
The bars show how much time you have spent completing tasks with the Pomodoro Timer.
Nothing to analise yet; set yourself a task and press play to see how you perform against the clock. You will be surprised how fast you improve.
Eisenhower Method
Optimal quadrant is the top left; to focus on your stretch goals, calmly.
Nothing to analise yet; try setting yourself a task that will help you achieve a stretch goal.
Pareto Analysis
The arrow indicates an optimal 80/20 split of simple v hard tasks.
Nothing to analise yet; try setting yourself a simple task.